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Da Vinci and the Lion’s Paw

Leonardo da Vinci. St. Hieronymus c.1480-1482. Oil on wood Vatican, Rome Never too late to join 2003, I finally finished reading The Da Vinci Code. I’ll spare a formal review of the book but suffice to say that I thought it was going to have a little more Da Vinci and a little less code—not […]

Realism for an Abstract Country

I keep having these Oscar Schindler moments. You know, the part at the end of Schindler’s List when he says, "Maybe I could have saved one more life." You could say it’s in the blood. Maybe I should have sandbagged my blog with more political entries, as if I hadn’t been doing it enough already. […]

For All These Rights

Ben Shahn For All These Rights We’ve Just Begun to Fight, 1946 Lithograph 73.6 s 98.4 cm Gift of Ben Shahn I was born the son of an inner city school teacher and a union steel worker. Some might say I never had a say in choosing my politics, but that’s not true. My father […]

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