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Okay, I Give Up

Some asshole comment spamming engine has been busy with my site today. I noticed yesterday and thought this morning that changing the name of my comments page would thwart it off. Seeing the 78 junk emails this evening just told me how well that worked. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to look at it right now, so I’m making member registration a requirement once again. This will hopefully put a stop to it until I can examine the issue more closely.

In the meantime, I may start an insatiable desire to play poker.


10 December 2004 @ 2pm

I’ve had a flurry of comment spam activity on my (MT 3.121) blog; some of the stuff even made it through MT-Blacklist, which has been reliable to this point.

Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper
12 December 2004 @ 12am

fwiw, since I’ve renamed my WordPress comments pages (1 file rename and 2 code changes linking to the renamed file), I’ve not gotten any comment spam yet. One other thing you might check–look at your database and see if the spammers have put spam in for posts you’ve not yet made. I read that that’s another commonly-used tactic.

13 December 2004 @ 6pm

Down with SPAM! I feel your pain! I moderate ALL comments on my MT blog. It’s still a pain though. I hate going to my comments page and deleting stuff. Why can’t it just be a bunch of posts from all the lovely people who come to read my site?

10 December 2004 @ 2am

The poker and Texas Holdem spambots have been running rampant. I saw a few other sites I visit got shelled also.