Doggie Update

Sierra and Maggie Mae

The update to my dog story thankfully has a happy ending. I’ll let the email we received from the foster parents do the rest of the talking.

Thanks to the help of the Deb of Antietam Creek Samoyed Club and Sandy of Delaware Valley Samoyed Rescue, Sierra was placed in a wonderful home last Sunday December 12, 2004. Sierra is now living in Eastern Pennsylvania with her new sister Maggie Mae, an Eskimo Spitz who was recently rescued from a New York Rescue Organization. As soon as Sierra and Maggie Mae met, they
immediately began to play as if they were long lost friends.

Although we suffer from separation anxiety, we fully believe that we found a home where not only will she be well cared for, but she will be spoiled immensely. This has lightened our hearts and made the transition for us easier to bear.