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A Freshman’s Guide to Surviving Bioterrorism

I’m putting down my reading of Robinson Crusoe to read the novel a friend of mine recently had published. It’s called A Freshman’s Guide to Surviving Bioterrorism: A Novel by Jeff Rimland. I highly recommend anything this writer of untold comic misery gets a hankering to pen. Also, and in no way related to the […]


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As Everybody Knows

“You go to war with the Secretary of Defense you have, not the Secretary of Defense you wish you had.” – Michael Feldman

Okay, I Give Up

Some asshole comment spamming engine has been busy with my site today. I noticed yesterday and thought this morning that changing the name of my comments page would thwart it off. Seeing the 78 junk emails this evening just told me how well that worked. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to look at it right […]


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Sebastian Sighting

Not quite as exciting as Sasquatch, but probably just as hairy. In keeping with my last post, it only seems right to mention that Sebastian Bach (of Skid Row infamy) was just spotted with a bit part on Gilmore Girls. He plays—surprise, a musician. Yes, I watch that show. I’ll admit to nothing this time […]


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Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay

You had me at hello. What married, single, or otherwise gay man in his mid-twenties (give or take a few extra years) didn’t fall in love with you instantly in Mean Girls. You were special. You were so like nothing else. Now you’re lip-syncing your heart out (or not?) on morning shows like so many […]

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