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Posts from January 2005

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Comments Off on 15 Songs About Love and Hate

15 Songs About Love and Hate

‘Been holding on to this one since I saw Ross do it some time ago. The first 15 songs shuffled from my iPod are as follows: No Dancing, Elvis Costello, My Aim Is True **** (Jungle Law), Love and Rockets, Love and Rockets Love Hater, OutKast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below Tell It to Your Heart, Lou […]

Over the Hump

Wow. There are some things I don’t usually where on my sleeve here, but today I’ll make an exception and say this. On any given Sunday you can usually find me in a green and white football jersey with a big number 5 on it. To most observers, that’s a sure fire sign that I’m […]

Spongebob Squares Off

By now you’ve heard the ridiculous allegations regarding the lovably happy SpongeBob SquarePants. Now the voice of SpongeBob has come out in his character’s defense. Tom Kenny finds the accusations, well, somewhat amusing. What reaction can one have except for gales of hysterical laughter at these people’s wrongheadedness and irrational thinking?” Kenny asked. “I love […]


Comments Off on You Look Like I Need a Drink

You Look Like I Need a Drink

That can only mean that I’m off to the Harrisburg Blog Meetup after a full day’s work. Catch most of you kids there.

Going to Mars

Well, the transition from pMachine to WordPress just keeps getting better. After realizing that I had a missing xmlrpc file on my site, I think I’m ready to use MarsEdit as my new desktop blogging solution. Before, I was using pmPost which pretty much did the same thing, although I have to admit that it […]

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