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Apple Riping

I agree with some of the sentiments in this article and think the rest of it is just silly. The Mac world does look like it’s changing. But to that I say… “Duh! Did anybody really think it would be all champagne, giggles, and no market share forever?”

For proof, take a gander at the unusually polished Steve Jobs in this interview. Notice how he cleverly drops in the use of the term “iPod marketplace” as opposed to the MP3 marketplace or digital music marketplace. This time, the distortion field is now becoming a part of the reality. So, get ready Alice and stop your whining.

Of course, this is not the Apple of yesteryear and why would anybody want it to be? Job’s has priced stuff to move, which means the Mac mini will likely not end up being a repeat of the failure that was the Cube. And it really looks like this time the legendary smart ass has his eye on the prize.

Yes, things are changing. But change doesn’t necessarily mean the sky is falling either.

1 Comment

17 January 2005 @ 1pm

LOL… I just had to follow your link for “legendar smart ass”… that is so funny!