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2 Comments Below

Over the Hump

Wow. There are some things I don’t usually where on my sleeve here, but today I’ll make an exception and say this. On any given Sunday you can usually find me in a green and white football jersey with a big number 5 on it. To most observers, that’s a sure fire sign that I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan and have been since I can remember watching professional football.

I’m also pathologically unable to turn away from a TV whenever there’s a Rocky movie showing. Both of these traits are definite signs of a codependent “hope springs eternal” tendency, but that may be beside the point today.

Today the football team I’ve rooted for all my life has achieved what’s been eluding them for three straight years in a row, a clinch of the NFC championship title and a shot at the Super Bowl. While that sure feels good and each of the players deserve all the credit in the world (but especially McNabb), I can’t help but feel that a Super Bowl win, which would be their first ever, might taste all the more sweet.

But here’s to getting over that initial hump, because it was the hardest. Finally, after all these years. Let’s hope that the story of Rocky really does embody the spirit of Philadelphia this time around.


1 February 2005 @ 4pm

You’re nuts I tell you! Nuts!

Take a look at the Eagles stats this year and list the defenses they played that were anywhere near the top of the league…guess what? You can count them on one hand and they lost two of those games.

All I want to see is TO go across the middle and have the hardest hitting machine in the NFL clean him up.

Just a little trash-talking, good luck! 🙂

2 February 2005 @ 9am

Hey now. Just remember Rocky didn’t win because he actually beat Apollo Creed. He won because he went the distance in the ring. He won because he proved to himself that he wasn’t just “another bum from the street.”

Honestly, I’m not even setting my expectations that high for the Eagles. But it is fitting to see that most “All-American” Patriots fans exhibit the self-congratulation and arrogance of the Champ’s character — makes the analogy a little stronger. And I love a good underdog story.

We’ll see what happens Sunday. 😉