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My First WordPress Theme (Paper Linen)

What you’re looking at is a shameless derivative of the now default Kubrick layout for WordPress, true, but what the hell. I haven’t seen a better looking layout yet, which is why I was using it before it became the default theme anyway. And who knew back then that WordPress would become the de facto […]

The Paradox of Choice

I just read this really interesting article on a fairly recent psychology book called The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less by Barry Schwartz. I haven’t read it, although I might give it a shot after I’m finished reading the baby books I’ve already committed to. It appears to provide a breadth of common […]

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I See Grammy People

I had this bizarre dream last night. Jack White, looking more like a degenerate cousin doing a parody of a rock star than a real rock star, received an award with Loretta Lynn, who behaved more like a degenerate aunt hooked on pain killers than a bona fide legend of country music. And then Ellen […]


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Happy Birthday Liz

I know she thinks I forgot. And this morning, maybe I did (for just a little bit). Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you… the haaaAARdest workin’ preggo this side of the river. Mrs. Please please me herself, with a birthday candle on top! Happy Birthday Liz!

Like a Prayer

Ross did all the heavy lifting while I did my best to hijack the conversation (walking in late, as usual). Residents of Harrisburg and the surrounding area take note. Jason N. Smith will answer your questions about his upcoming bid to challenge Mayor Reed for the city of Harrisburg. If anything, he’s totally up front […]

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