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Posts from March 2005


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Written in Numbers

Looks like somebody found a way to take the eyes off his report card today. Wish I could have been so lucky when I was in school. 10:32 AM 11:48 AM 1:43 PM

Partisan Shmartisan CNN Poll

In a manner that baffles me, CNN is contributing to a media perception that the Terri Schiavo case somehow falls along populist partisan lines, despite the clear evidence to the contrary demonstrated in their own poll. Looking at this illustration, which asks if the poller agrees with the court’s decision to have the feeding tube […]

The Windmill Project

I have a seed of thought in me that I don’t think will go away anytime soon. Because my wife and I live on a ridge on the side of a valley, we get really high winds. I sometimes joke how our house creaks and groans like an old pirate ship on the gustier days. […]

Faithfully Sinning

If the hard-boiled black and white treatment in these posters is any indication of the aesthetic rule used to make the movie version of Sin City, it can only mean that the film adaptation coming to theaters this April will either be absolutely brilliant or embarrassingly cliché. And since it’s next to impossible for me […]