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Faithfully Sinning

Sin City: The MovieIf the hard-boiled black and white treatment in these posters is any indication of the aesthetic rule used to make the movie version of Sin
, it can only mean that the film adaptation coming to theaters this April will either be absolutely brilliant or embarrassingly cliché. And since it’s next to impossible for me to speak about any Frank Miller project without
revealing a true fanboy status, I’ll simply say that his “co-direction” of the movie has got to be the best gift he’s ever gotten.

As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Much like Tarantino’s work, audiences are likely to react with extreme like or dislike to this gritty and violent comic book world, which marries murder, mayhem, sex, religion, and something else so horrendous I’m afraid I might spoil the fun (hint: Elijah Wood ain’t playing no Hobbit in this.).

Undoubtedly, Sin City was one of Miller’s best works. So, the attention to detailing each frame with the distinct look of pen and ink, just as it appears in the graphic novels, should only be a plus. After all, with the amount of influence Miller’s probably had on contemporary film in character development and action sequencing, much of the surprise may run the risk of appearing par for the course in today’s Hollywood. I have a feeling, though, that the inspiration from comic book to movie and from movie to comic book is mutual, if not symbiotic.


10 March 2005 @ 3pm

Whattaya say? Wanna be fanboys and go see this together when it comes out?

I have faith in the team behind it…If only Miller could’ve co-directed Daredevil. We’d all be saying Batman who??

10 March 2005 @ 3pm

I should add to that…Batman Begins looks like it will be entertaining but think about the possibilities of “Year one” with a black and white high contrast direction by Darren Arnofsky. That would’ve turned more heads I think.

10 March 2005 @ 10pm

I’m totally with ya, even on Batman. Let’s go see them both. All these movies make me feel like I’m thirteen all over again.

But nevermind that shit. Here comes Mongo.

11 March 2005 @ 6pm

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…