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technology, whazza?

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Whazza?!!! Adobe buys Macromedia

It would be patently wrong of me not to mention today that Adobe just bought out Macromedia. It feels a bit naive to say this out loud, but I never saw it coming. My less than controversial guess as to what this means to the software industry is that it will be very, very significant. At the very least, the creative side of the software industry should expect to have a big spot light shining on it for the next couple of years.

Passionate discussions of Dreamweaver vs. GoLive, FreeHand vs. Illustrator, Flash vs. (no way, I won’t even make the comparison) … will emerge, but until the fuzziness of “integration” as the primary goal is sorted out by Adobe, Macromedia, and possibly US regulatory authorities, my other guess is that passionate disscussions will be the only thing we as consumers have to look forward to in the near future.

They got a lot to sort out.

1 Comment

21 April 2005 @ 9pm

Because he’s one of those wiley “full time” bloggers, Daring Fireball has the best take I’ve seen on the merger, translating their PR speak to English.