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Tiger by the Tail

Tiger, Oh My!

With a new baby still on the way and so much work left to be done, I have no idea why I made it a priority to install Mac OS 10.4 on my G4. I’m probably anticipating that the time for such pleasantries will quickly disappear. That being said, I’m glad I got it all over with because Tiger bitched and moaned about my hard drive pretty much all the way through. That is, until I decided to clone the entire thing onto another, much larger hard drive and upgrade it instead, which I had been meaning to do anyway. So it’s not like I was driving way out of the neighborhood.

Now I’m living large with the cat and, so far, I’m liking it a lot. But let’s be honest, there’s no need for me to dribble on about my own more-than-predictable reaction. Besides, the OS wars of yesteryear are so pedestrian.

Did I mention how much I like the new Dictionary?

1 Comment

20 May 2005 @ 8am

You are the first person I know to install Tiger. I’ll have to discuss it with you. I haven’t plunked down cash for it yet.

did you hear about the supposed pitfalls of widgets? I only read one article and I’m simplifying here, but from what I gather any open source widgets are ripe fodder for executable viruses because each widget is an executable program all of its own? Not sure if I have that right but some conserns were being raised that user created and shared widgets in their current incarnation could be a problem.