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Posts from July 2005

Turn Rove Over, He’s Done

Someone I know who has an unquestionably principled outlook on life and the world once told me the secret to winning any argument standing on purely moral ground. It goes like this. One big sin is infinitely more powerful than a litany of failures, no matter how true they all might be. I only started […]

War of the Worlds


It’s not that big of an irony that the greatest works in Science Fiction tend to examine best the human condition. Actually, it’s more like a rarely recognized truism for a genre that falls short of its full potential more often than not, but that hasn’t stopped Steven Spielberg from profiting in kind, and turning […]

Rocky – The Musical

It came to me in a dream the other night. Rocky – The Musical. Fight Night in Philly – Chorus Three Part Medley Not Just a Bum in the Street – Rocky It’s Paulie’s Way (or it’s the Highway) – Paulie Quiet Interlude – Adrian ‘Cuz I’m the Champ – Apollo Spit and Toil – […]