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Rocky – The Musical

It came to me in a dream the other night.

Rocky – The Musical.

  1. Fight Night in Philly – Chorus
  2. Three Part Medley
    1. Not Just a Bum in the Street – Rocky
    2. It’s Paulie’s Way (or it’s the Highway) – Paulie
    3. Quiet Interlude – Adrian
  3. ‘Cuz I’m the Champ – Apollo
  4. Spit and Toil – Mickey
  5. Here on the Docks – Rocky
  6. The Italian Stallion (That’s my man!) – Apollo
  7. There’s Got to be a Better Way – Rocky/Adrian
  8. ‘Cuz He’s the Chump – Apollo
  9. Let’s Moi’der ‘Em, Kid – Mickey/Rocky
  10. He’s So Strong (Why is he so weak?) – Adrian
  11. When the Bell Rings – Adrian/Rocky/Apollo/Mickey/Paulie
  12. Until We Fall – Rocky/Apollo
  13. Victory Song – Rocky
  14. Rocky, I Love You – Adrian/Chorus


8 July 2005 @ 11pm

Hm. Where’s “Yo Adrian”?

9 July 2005 @ 9am

Actually, he doesn’t say “Yo, Adrian, I did it.” until the second movie. And after I made my song list it already seemed a bit too long to encompass both movies.

But if my investors demand such a trite cliché, I won’t argue the point either.


11 July 2005 @ 10pm

Well, trite cliché or not, sonny-boy, it was entirely the highlight of the series, and you’ll not sell a seat if you don’t include it. I’m thinking perhaps a rap/opera pairing with Mr. T and Luciano Pavarotti would do proper homage.
You really should install the Subscribe to Comments plugin.
I notice that you didn’t mention (nor show pictures of) your broken thumb that you got from shadow-boxing in the shower (as a result of this musical dream, no doubt). =:P

13 July 2005 @ 8am

Never underestimate the power of the sequel.