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Posts from August 2005


Comments Off on Hitchens vs. Stewart

Hitchens vs. Stewart

I’m late for the ball on this, I know, and for that I should be soundly flogged. But is it me or did comedian Jon Stewart give a rhetorical beating to Christopher Hitchens during a semi-intelligent discussion about the Iraq war the other night? I know the supposed representative antithesis of the liberal establishment has […]

Woe to You, Pat

Just remember this, Pat, when that rapture you think is coming to take you and the “true” ones away and leaves the rest of us behind. Nothing pisses Jesus off more than a hypocrite.

culture, fatherhood

Comments Off on Asleep (Cole’s Music II)

Asleep (Cole’s Music II)

Believe me when I say that could entertain you with endless stories of my baby boy, espousing the unique differences between his binky, boppy and, of course, his bippy. Then again I could just share with you a mix of soothing music that usually gets him to sleep at night. Let’s go with the latter. […]

culture, music

Comments Off on Citizen Cain’d

Citizen Cain’d


I swear it’s not some figment of my imagination. I really did see British art-rocker Julian Cope chatting it up with Bryant Gumbel on the Today Show in what now seems like another time on some other planet in the early 1990’s. He was plugging away Peggy Suicide, a concept album so chock full of […]