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Posts from October 2005

Mr. Please Please Feed Me Himself

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you… The haaaardest workin’ baby in show business. Old King Cole. The Pied Piper of Diaper. The Swami of Pajami. The Godchild of Soul. Mr. Please Please Feed Me himself, in his very own music video. Prepare yourself to be entertained by sights and sounds no ordinary baby […]

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Comments Off on Top Ten Albums of My Time

Top Ten Albums of My Time

WXPN recently took a break from their normal broadcasting to present the 885 greatest albums of all time, which ended yesterday with the Beatles’ legendary Abbey Road taking top honors. Rather than finding fault with a list put together by listeners (which I can’t do anyway), I think I’ll just document my own. To that […]


I’m not to the point of writing such a lengthy and personal post such as the Substitute’s concerning the plight of contemporary Christian culture, but a small mentioning of a thing I saw this weekend cannot be helped. In fact, as my recent lack of enthusiasm for all things blog plays itself out, I might […]

Target: Design for All

The latest edition of Communication Arts (offline only) lays out pretty thoroughly the how’s and why’s of design and branding over at everyone’s favorite retail store, Target. It’s clear that the company conciously chose to rise above the fold by speaking clearly and consistently about design. Just take a look at the thought that went […]