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Posts from December 2005

Happy Holidays

We’re away in that wonderful metropolis known as Harrisonburg, VA with my in-laws this Christmas (Cole’s first) and it’s been mighty pleasant so far. Just wanted to touch back and wish everyone a warm and safe holiday on behalf of my family. Take care. And, of course, if you’ve been injured in the horrible war […]

Darwin Scores Against Dover

Sorry, after looking at my desktop today and hearing the news, I couldn’t resist adding this little adjustment to one of the Nonist’s more interesting downloads. Their original inspiration may be worth repeating. a century and a half after darwin’s most important work was published people still seem to have a hard time wrapping their […]

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This is Artistic Brutality

It’s worth pointing out after my small semi-rant a couple of posts back that The Nation is running a special issue which features an appropriated cover from a once-famous WWII poster by Ben Shahn. Of course, his version was meant to rally the boys into fighting Hitler’s fascism. Today’s version represents an indelible stain on […]


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Goodbye Richard

If it seems odd that a white suburban family man such as myself feels the need to give Richard Pryor a eulogy, that only demonstrates his perfect ability to reach out across social boundaries, which is far better than any testimony I could possibly give. Knowing he most likely wasn’t going to live much longer […]