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Posts from January 2006

Eating Like Superman

Liz (feeding Cole): Wow, Cole! You’re eating so good. You’re soooo hungry! You’re, like, super hungry right now. But you’re eating soooo good. You’re like a little super eater man! No, you’re eating like Superman!! Me (after pausing to think about that last sentence for a moment): Actually, hun, I don’t think Superman eats. Liz: […]

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Comments Off on I’m in a Hell of Lot of Trouble: The Four Year Comedy Tour of President George W. Bush

I’m in a Hell of Lot of Trouble: The Four Year Comedy Tour of President George W. Bush

I may be the only one I know who’s willing to admit to being a long time appreciator of comedian Richard Lewis. His anxiety-laden routines, such as I’m in Pain, I’m in Hell, and I’m Doomed spelled out Jewish guilt and life on the therapy couch in a cathartic flush of pain and laughter. Despite […]


Comments Off on Jedi Photoshop Trick

Jedi Photoshop Trick

The right elements sort of just came together and the next thing I knew I was making this Star Wars spoof for a friend at work. His daughter is only a few months older than Cole but obviously harboring a much higher midichlorian count. And to think some people get paid for this kind of […]


Comments Off on Lost With Nowhere to Go But Up

Lost With Nowhere to Go But Up

I can’t say I blame this Christian culture watcher for wanting to co-opt the meaning behind the popular television series Lost. Having just watched the entire first season on DVD (we’re about, oh, eight months and a few diapers behind the rest of the country here at the Schindler residence), I have to admit, it’s […]


Comments Off on The Shredder

The Shredder

I get this way when I read Newsweek sometimes too. Actually, I can think of a few accounting firms that might be able to provide my boy with steady work.

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