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Eating Like Superman

Liz (feeding Cole): Wow, Cole! You’re eating so good. You’re soooo hungry! You’re, like, super hungry right now. But you’re eating soooo good. You’re like a little super eater man! No, you’re eating like Superman!!

Me (after pausing to think about that last sentence for a moment): Actually, hun, I don’t think Superman eats.

Liz: What?

Me: Well, I’m pretty sure if he was trapped in a desert or something, he wouldn’t need any food or water. He’s, like… super. Y’know?

Liz: What are you talking about? Of course he needs to eat. He’s got a mouth and a stomach just like you and me. It’s not like he’s an alien or something.

Me: No, actually, he is an alien. Planet Krypton ring a bell?

Liz: Well, whatever. He still needs to eat. I’m pretty sure I saw him eating at some point in the movie. He needs to do other things that humans do.

Me: Oh yeah?

Liz: I know I’ve seen him and Lois f—

Thankfully, today’s modern world comes replete with the power of the internet to argue these important issues for us. And just for the record, this Wiki article has this to say about Superman’s inhuman abilities:

Theoretically, Superman has unlimited stamina, nourishment coming from the solar energy his cells process; he does, however, have the psychological need to eat, drink and sleep just as humans do. He can also hold his breath for an undefined duration.

Oh, thanks for settling that one.

Super Eater Man!


31 January 2006 @ 9pm

At first glance, i thought he was chewing on an 8 track tape.

31 January 2006 @ 10pm

I think it might be a deck of cards, which I thought was pretty bad ass in a Superman kind of way. But I’m not sure. This one came from Grandma.

Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper
31 January 2006 @ 10pm

Too funny. I still think that Moon Knight, Grendel (via Christine Spar), and The Question had more impact on me than Mr. S, though.

Oh, also, your little progeny is almost dangerously cute!!! =:)

1 February 2006 @ 1am

“Well whatever. He still needs to eat.”

And you know? I bet Superman’s mom said the SAME thing as Liz. And they would both be right, solar energy my eye, young man, try that one on your father.

It is agreed: your child is absolutely adorable!

1 February 2006 @ 9am

All the toys around Cole in the photo kinda look like they’re leaning back, watching him in awe. I think it’s very Toy Story… or maybe it’s just the force of his Super aura.

4 February 2006 @ 7pm

Grandma reports with an update on the picture:

Cole is holding one of his favorite board books (entitled 1,2,3–a really great piece of non-fiction NOT written by James Frey) Some children learn through frequent repitition, some through literary experiences, some through kinesthetic experiences, some through total immersion, but ONLY SuperCole learns through complete ingestion of his subject!!!!!

Dear God, I had no idea until now that that’s where I got it from.

6 February 2006 @ 2pm

I want to see more posts like this. Just this morning I was sending wikis on the origins of Spiderman and Batman to Angela to distinguish the source of their powers. We watched the first quarter of Batman begins last night before having to turn in. …which led to “no, he didn’t get his powers from the bats in the well…”