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Posts from February 2006

The Life Pursuit


Jack Black should issue a public apology on behalf of the character he played in the movie High Fidelity who forever tarnished the image of the Scottish indie group Belle and Sebastian as boring purveyors of “sad bastard music” to American audiences. It’s just not fair anymore. Ever since their last album, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, […]

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Brokeback Mountain


With only a few kind words to say about The Hulk and feeling a little under whelmed from the hype that originally surrounded Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I was more than a little weary of walking into another Ang Lee movie. But if I saw any potential in either of those two films, which I’m […]


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Overdue Dilligance

I’m pretty much spent with all of the wit and frivolity that went into Liz’s birthday celebration—so much so that I’m a good week behind in building any sane (or cleverly insane) thought for a post. So, I guess we’ll have to let the pictures tell the story. I will say that it involved beer, […]

All Fight for Freedom

Liz (talking to me on her cell phone in traffic): It says “Viva Bush!” on the bumper sticker in front of me. Me: Oh yeah? Liz (muffled): And “I’ll fight for freedom.” Me: All fight for freedom? Liz: No, I’ll fight for freedom. It’s on another sticker. It says I apostrophe L-L fight for freedom. […]