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3 Comments Below

Fever In / Fever Out

Sick Boy

A big blue shiner on his cheek from one of many missteps in the mastery of walking, a lasting fever with clear signs of roseola, and an unrelenting cycle of nag/cry/scream that says simply “hold me in your arms for about 87 hours straight, please” and it is clear that our role into this parenting thing is still in its learning stages. The fever broke long ago, but the aftermath has continued into our rain-filled weekend.

My wife and I will eventually take stuff like this as no big deal, but if we seem a little on edge lately, it’s because we’re still paying some serious parenting dues.


Cathy Wood
5 September 2006 @ 8pm

Feel better soon Cole!
Our Love,
The Wood Family

6 September 2006 @ 6am

He’s much better now. Thanks!

Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper
7 September 2006 @ 9pm

Wow, man. Sorry to hear that. Tell Cole I said “buck up, little buckaroo” for me. =:)