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Posts from October 2006

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Comments Off on Transcendental Orchestra

Transcendental Orchestra

An actual conversation in the car. Liz: Your parents are going to see the, uh… Yngwie Malmsteen… Alaskan Orchestra. Me: They’re called the, uh… Siberian… Huskie… um, Train Wreck Liz: Sure. Both: (Uncontrollable laughter.) Me: I have to remember that for my blog.

art, culture, journal

Comments Off on Recent Art, Figure Series 1

Recent Art, Figure Series 1

Just a sampling of some figure drawings I’ve been doing in a recent studio—some five minute gestures, charcoal tonals, and quick ink washes.

culture, journal

Comments Off on Brian Regan Live

Brian Regan Live

I had the intense pleasure of seeing comedian Brian Regan perform live last night at the Forum in Harrisburg, PA. It was a well-timed birthday present from my wife. I’ve been a big fan of his self-deprecating style of humor for a long time now. He came out in a blue Hawaiian shirt and did […]


Comments Off on Of Elephants and Asses

Of Elephants and Asses

You know when James Dobson can’t resist defending a gay man who sexually harrassed teenage boys on the government bill, it’s time to pack up the self-rightousness and make a move for the hills—preferably some place where they’ve never heard of irony before.

culture, film, journal, music

Comments Off on Cowboy Matinee Mixups

Cowboy Matinee Mixups

A gaggle of movie mixups, written down and straightened out right here for my own posterity. This started out as a Friday conversation gone horribly awry between a co-worker and myself. Midnight Cowboy is the movie starring Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman. It’s the one with the famous scene of Hoffman’s character slapping a car […]