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Posts from May 2007

Release the Stars


The more I survive through life’s travails, the more I accept that the key to understanding women–straight and culturally appreciative women about my age–requires the careful and complete understanding of the movie Dirty Dancing, J. Jill mail-order catalogs, and the music of Rufus Wainwright. Nevermind that this triad of cryptic combinations also happens to unlock […]

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Comments Off on It’s Like Living With a 2-Year-Old

It’s Like Living With a 2-Year-Old

Happy Birthday little man! (Flickr commentary exceptionally maintained by mom, as usual.)

Self-Checkout at Wal-mart

Having worked as a design consultant on several point-of-sale systems for national retail, I find myself evaluating self-checkout stations as I come across them in my everyday routine–even when I don’t particularly want to. It’s a sickness I can’t escape these days. One system that I find particularly offensive–and I say that with my “user” […]