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Posts from July 2007

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Comments Off on Stumbling Towards the Purpose Within

Stumbling Towards the Purpose Within

I’ve long accepted the fact that the job I go to everyday shouldn’t be the primary place to go searching for self-worth and fulfillment in my life. Don’t get me wrong. That’s in no way meant to disparage any circumstance or person in my career, past or present. I’ve enjoyed my gigs fondly enough. It’s […]

culture, journal

Comments Off on On Theory

On Theory

For no particular reason, here are a few of my favorite theories. Capitalism – The free market idea has appealed to me ever since I could choose between Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Socialism – Because nobody said Capitalism was perfect. Postmodernism – This wasn’t really an option for me as an art student. Not to […]

Goodbye, Max

Max was with us for a good 9 years. Unfortunately, after we learned that he’d been diagnosed with diabetes, which would have been entirely treatable, the doctors discovered cancer–unlikely to be treatable. We’ll miss you, buddy.