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Posts from September 2007

art, culture

Comments Off on A Tale of Two Paintings

A Tale of Two Paintings

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has in its permanent collection a number of cannot-miss-works, including Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Cezanne’s Bathers, and an entire room full of Marcel Duchamp paintings and readymades (although some are noted as replicas). But there are two outstanding paintings, which have left me breathless during the past few days — both […]

design, journal, user experience

Comments Off on Taking Stock of the iPod + iTunes User Experience

Taking Stock of the iPod + iTunes User Experience

In April of 2003, I chronicled my first experience using the iTunes music store in a blog entry titled Tuning In, Turning Up, and Taking Change. Already it feels like the new thing, making the way things were seem like such an ancient memory (if not ethically questionable). In minutes I had downloaded and purchased […]