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Posts from January 2008

Usable Taco Shell Design

The patent for this invention takes 65 paragraphs to explain a design that’s utterly, if not painfully, obvious in hindsight–the square taco. The self-standing taco shell makes it easier to prepare multiple tacos at the same time. This advantage is especially desirable in fast food, cafeteria and party environments where multiple tacos are being prepared […]


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Mind Mapping

If you overlook the sensational title from Newsweek’s Mind Reading is Now Possible, there’s something worth pointing out here. Scientists are finding that thoughts and ideas map to predictable patterns in the brain. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University showed people drawings of five tools (hammer, drill and the like) and five dwellings (castle, igloo …) […]

brand identity, design, usability, user experience

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Wireframes Left, Visual Designs Right

Thoughts on Interaction Design Deliverables Eventually, I would like to share with you the design theory I’m working on (I may even have settled on a name for it), but for now allow me to explain a small part of it which at one point served as the theory’s main catalyst. During my work as […]

design, politics, user experience

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Learning Politics Through Design

CNN’s Election Center 2008 delivers not only a monumental amount of well thought out data-driven design, information architecture and Flash/AJAX wizardry, but the site itself may quite possibly represents the largest lesson in politics that’s ever been delivered to the American public in one full sitting. Think about it. Newspapers have tried in the past, […]