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Posts from March 2008


Mike Schindler Curtains 1995 Ink on Died Canvas 78¼ x 51½ inches Thirteen years later, I still consider this piece to be one of the most significant breakthroughs of my early artistic development. It was made in 1995 through a process of hand dying raw canvas, which was then brushed with ink. Titled Curtains, it’s […]

The Impossible Dream

The powerful and moving story of Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke reminds me why I tend to be so personally interested in the mechanics of the human brain, sometimes taking great lengths to apply that interest into my own discipline. In 1983 my grandfather suffered a debilitating stroke which rendered the left side of his entire […]

design, user experience

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Desire and Intent

Given the semantic nature of the argument, I’ve tried to avoid splitting this hair. But I’m started to see an important distinction between two very similar words which are often used to describe a user’s potential behavioral motivation–desire and intent. While these two words appear to have the same meaning in certain contexts, I think […]