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Cupcakes for Cuttles

Pregnant Lady: I’m gonna make cupcakes tonight.

Me: Oh, yeah? For what?

Pregnant Lady: For my mouth. Is that a good enough answer for you?

Me (absorbing howls of laughter): That’s going on my website. Your name’s going to be “Pregnant Lady.”


12 May 2008 @ 7pm

Congratulations, Mike and Pregnant Lady! 🙂

13 May 2008 @ 6am

Thanks, Alex. 4 months and counting.

Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper
13 May 2008 @ 4pm

Holy smokes!! Another Schindler production! Congratulations, Mike and Liz!! =:)

Suzanne All
14 May 2008 @ 12pm

Sounds as though the morning sickness has finally subsided. Could be a girl on the way.