Is That the Sound of Liberation or a Shoe Whizzing by Your Face?

I haven’t delved too much into this story, but I can imagine that the sentiment expressed in this BBC piece concerning the infamous shoe torpedo launched at Bush has now largely been echoed by conservative pundits.

Many of Mr Bush’s supporters will see it as a mean-spirited gesture against a man whose policies liberated the country from a vicious dictator.

To illustrate the point, in a previous age, the perpetrator would be facing a summary, and probably agonising, death if he had dared confront Saddam Hussein’s regime in such a way. Instead Mr Bush has been praised for his dignified response.

This is a moot point to me, since anyone who decides to attack a sitting American president in public with any type of weapon–be it a shoe, a salad fork, or any other flying object–most assuredly risks being shot on site by the Secret Service. It seems to me, then, that the salient take-away might be the strength of this man’s conviction despite the likely consequences–not the relative differences of said consequences in an occupied Iraq.

Was this man behaving civilly? No. Was his act eye opening? Absolutley.