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Starsky and Hutch


Starsky and Hutch is not the most original movie ever to come out come out of Hollywood. Let’s just face a simple fact, though. Tinsletown is dried up at the idea farm and rerunning popular TV shows with an impunity that would probably make B.A. Baracus take notice. All the same, this movie might still […]


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Odd Duck

John Waters admits that he’s an “odd duck.” And despite my love of all things culture, I can’t say that I have too much of a fondness for any of his films. His interview with Terry Gross, though, was far more entertaining to me than anything he’s put out in the theaters. The interview illuminated […]


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Hulk bad. Nawh, this movie really does deserve a bit more than that. Let me say that despite the fact that I was sick while watching the DVD, I really wanted to like Ang Lee’s interpretation of the Hulk. It seemed ambitious enough to start and in many ways it bravely went into unexpected places. […]


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I get the feeling that Frida Kahlo would have liked the movie portraying her life, Frida, now available on DVD. Salma Hayek gives a memorable performance as the chronically pained, if not tragically disjointed, Mexican artist known to be married to the famed and irreparably womanizing Diego Rivera. Perhap not mentioned enough in the movie, […]


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The Fog of War

Having the subject rattle on in their own ego-laden, self-incriminating monologue is sometimes the most revealing intelligence one could ever gather. That’s what filmmaker, Errol Morris apparently does best. His latest documentary titled The Fog of War investigates the life of Robert McNamara, the former Secretary of Defense and Vietnam war showrunner, and gives an […]

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