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Release the Stars


The more I survive through life’s travails, the more I accept that the key to understanding women–straight and culturally appreciative women about my age–requires the careful and complete understanding of the movie Dirty Dancing, J. Jill mail-order catalogs, and the music of Rufus Wainwright. Nevermind that this triad of cryptic combinations also happens to unlock […]



Silversun Pickups. Silversun Pickups. Say it with me, now. Silversun Pickups. This California band may have one the hardest names to remember out of the new crop of indie rockers, but I have a feeling their style and delivery will be remembered long after Modest Mouse becomes a household word. Besides, with the advent of […]

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Once Again


John Legend definitely gets my vote for being the most likable personality in the music business today, bar none. It could be in that vain (of trying to uplift my own fragile ego) that I purchased his latest album, Once Again. Because whatever this guy has, it’s clearly contagious. Having worked with luminaries such as […]

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Cowboy Matinee Mixups

A gaggle of movie mixups, written down and straightened out right here for my own posterity. This started out as a Friday conversation gone horribly awry between a co-worker and myself. Midnight Cowboy is the movie starring Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman. It’s the one with the famous scene of Hoffman’s character slapping a car […]

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Every Waking Moment


Fans of his first two should albums realize quickly that only half of his new one, Every Waking Moment, sounds different enough to be considered a new direction, but even the material that feels leftover from The Clarence Greenwood Recordings (including the live version of Bullet and a Target) packs enough punch to raise this […]

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