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The Life Pursuit


Jack Black should issue a public apology on behalf of the character he played in the movie High Fidelity who forever tarnished the image of the Scottish indie group Belle and Sebastian as boring purveyors of “sad bastard music” to American audiences. It’s just not fair anymore. Ever since their last album, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, […]

Black Acetate


It seems like only yesterday I was gushing over John Cale’s outstanding album, Hobosapiens. So it was with a bit of a surprise that I saw his latest musical delicacy, Black Acetate, on iTunes just a safe year apart. What does one better, though, is the fact that the approach with this album, while so […]

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Top Ten Albums of My Time

WXPN recently took a break from their normal broadcasting to present the 885 greatest albums of all time, which ended yesterday with the Beatles’ legendary Abbey Road taking top honors. Rather than finding fault with a list put together by listeners (which I can’t do anyway), I think I’ll just document my own. To that […]

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Citizen Cain’d


I swear it’s not some figment of my imagination. I really did see British art-rocker Julian Cope chatting it up with Bryant Gumbel on the Today Show in what now seems like another time on some other planet in the early 1990’s. He was plugging away Peggy Suicide, a concept album so chock full of […]

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Cold Roses


If the buzz circulating around the much anticipated double album release of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals is to be believed, the prodigious grave-robber has made yet another deal with the devil, summoning the soul of Jerry Garcia for one last nine-minute hippie jam. At least, that’s what the local DJ’s had me believing. However, […]

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