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I had been waiting for John Cale’s latest album, HoboSapiens with a lot of anticipation. Being an election year, I thought for sure he’d try to re-create some of his edgier political pop-rock. That may have first lead to some mixed feelings on my part, but I’m happy to report that this album is, in […]

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Creature of Comfort: Bowie at Hershey

Seeing that David Bowie’s A Reality Tour has moved on to better and brighter places in the past week since Liz and I saw him in Hershey, it almost seems pointless to talk about it this far after the fact. Well, almost. If I had to point to a singular memorable moment, it wouldn’t be […]

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There’s a line from an old Jazz Butcher Conspiracy song called Susie: A girl has to have some breaks When she was 18 Susie saw the Patti Smith Group on TVAnd she told me that it changed what she wanted to be Guess that’s why we kept on coming back to each other Over all […]

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Bowie Mash-Up: Looking for Water and Controversy

These savvy fellas make such a big stink about David Bowie’s Mash-Up contest, you’d think there was a legitimate concern that it’s somehow unethical. But let’s take a step back, drop the latitude (present company included), and look at what’s really going on. First, a bit of history for the people who may not be […]

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Animal Serenade


Nobody covers Lou Reed’s material more often than Lou Reed. It’s either a constant strive for perfection or a contractual obligation which makes this so. In either case, the live double album, Animal, remains a thing of mystery. This performance, despite the title, is not to be confused with 1974’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Animal, nor […]

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