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The Score – Revisited


Blame it on the new iPod which has me importing a relatively sizable CD collection and visiting old music with fresh ears all over again. It’s further proof to me that Apple’s niche is lifestyle, not really computers per se, but that’s another discussion entirely. In my hearkening back to music’s yesteryear, one album that […]



Maybe it’s ’cause I’m livin’ it up more rural with the new house, or maybe it’s the revelation that country music is the new punk, but I just can’t seem to get enough steel guitars in my ears these days. Former Bauhaus bassist and co-inventor of Goth, David J elevates to unlikely new heights in […]

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Hairway to Steven

Johnny Rotten’s unlikely foray into reality television may be the bell stroke that sounds off the death of punk (and everything it stood for—or was that Green Day?), but former Led Zeppelin front man, Robert Plant—being the humble, articulate, and funny person that he is—seems well-content with his place in the world. In a recent […]

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Love is Rock N Roll


I know absolutely nothing about Ryan Adams. Well, apart from the ramblings on his website. Like I know he used to work at Hardee’s and that he’s originally from North Carolina and apparently he ‘s proud of the fact that he’s a bad dresser (cool through disassociation of fashion is still cool, no doubt). And […]

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Comments Off on Streetcore Named Desire

Streetcore Named Desire


I was never a big fan of The Clash as a teenager, although Rock the Casbah filled me with as much semi-politico rock rebellion as any ten-year-old could muster during the early eighties. The video (known during that period of MTV as the one with the mohawked guys in the desert playing punk guitar to […]

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