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culture, music

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Cold Roses


If the buzz circulating around the much anticipated double album release of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals is to be believed, the prodigious grave-robber has made yet another deal with the devil, summoning the soul of Jerry Garcia for one last nine-minute hippie jam. At least, that’s what the local DJ’s had me believing. However, […]

culture, music

Comments Off on The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept


There wasn’t very much payoff for me when I spent the latter part of the 80’s and early 90’s listening to glam rock. In hindsight, building a fairly lengthy catalog of David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Marc Bolan on tape cassette twenty years after the original recordings were produced was probably no way to strike […]

culture, music

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Talking about his new album, Unshattered, I caught Peter Murphy on NPR not to long ago saying something to the effect of, “If this album doesn’t make me absolutely famous, I don’t know what will.” And with self assurance such as that, from a person with a 90’s landmark such as Deep under his solo […]

Guilty as Charged

Something about seeing Uchenna and Joyce win The Amazing Race last night just really made my day. Yes, I probably watch too much reality TV (sans American Idol, of course). I’ll get it under control eventually. If you yourself watch a lot of television outside the caliber of PBS and Discovery, check out the guys […]

culture, politics

Comments Off on Who Watches the Watchmen?

Who Watches the Watchmen?

I can’t help but point out the irony of “a thousand heavily-armed super-patriots confronting the Mexican hordes” and calling themselves—of all things in which they could call themselves—The Minutemen. Aside from being a not-so-subtle tip of the hat to the actual Revolutionary era militia of the same name, it is—if you remember your comic book […]

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