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Minority Report Card


Started out as an A+ but ended up with a C- At the beginning of the Minority Report, I gave the movie a full suspension of disbelief. It had me there. And then somewhere in the middle it turned into a Tom Cruise movie. In other words, I began to remember how much I can’t […]


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Mega Flashback

The new Star Trek movie trailer is out on Apple’s website. Watching the parts with the speeding dune buggies and Humvees, I couldn’t help but remember this god awful, yet somehow still charming mess starring a buff, hair blown, and headband wearing Barry Bostwick (yes, the guy in the Pepsi commercials) twenty years ago. Confirming […]


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Lost in Space

We’ve been suffering a cable blackout for the past three days, which is to say we have no connection to the Internet at home. We’re hoping today that Comcast technicians can repair the damage, which was apparently caused by simply moving our VCR from the downstairs living room to the upstairs bedroom. Who knew!? We […]


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Odd Couple Set to Rock

No, it’s not Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. It’s David Bowie and Moby. They’re going to be on tour together, hitting Philly and DC to get the jams started. Oh, what decisions to make — two cities only a spit distance away. Talking with a friend about Bowie’s new Heathen album, due in stores June […]


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World Wide Web

No, not that web! The world wide sensation that is Spider-man! Liz and I caught it yesterday and it was truly a roller coaster ride of enjoyment. Of course, I’m a little biased since I’ve been waiting for it since the fourth grade. I’m just flabbergasted at of all this Marvel movie mayhem. Not getting […]

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