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High Time on DVD

I have got to say that Almost Famous, a comedy which chronicles the journalistic travels of a young Rolling Stone reporter, is a well executed and entertaining movie that’s full of laughs, even if it’s senseless 70’s nostalgia. Having only rented it because I thought it was something Liz would not want to see (she’s […]


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Someone once told me that pity is a sign of disrespect; that the emotion itself insinuates the person being pitied is of lesser value to the person making the judgment. In a way, it is to suggest a feeling of, “Oh, you poor, horrible, wretched thing, you.” In no way, though, does pity emote the […]


Comments Off on Vertical Limits of Taste

Vertical Limits of Taste

The Central Pennsylvania movie theatre situation has to change. You’re either shoved into an overcrowded theatre with a tiny viewing screen or forced to pay out the butt for cold popcorn that seems to brought in from a closet in a plastic bag. Yes, this weekend’s movie-going experience sucked that bad. With every intention of […]

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