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Location-Based Mobile Apps: Served Up Fast and Hot

Picture this in the not-too-distant future. You’re on your way to pick up some fast food because you’re so amazingly hungry for a new quadruple-decker bacon angus cheeseburger. Your mind is just telling you to go out and get this new meat wad delight, which sits precariously between two deep-fried grilled cheese sandwiches. Hard to […]

The Shape of Design

I alluded to a design theory about two years ago. Rather than allowing it to collect more cerebral dust as my take on what’s important to design becomes aged with each passing day, I thought I’d share parts of it now. In truth, it’s more of a construct than a theory, and it’s not at […]

Google and the Iceberg Principle of Design

A lot has already been said about Douglas Bowman’s decision to leave Google. From what I understand, he was the company’s first visual designer. I don’t know the man, but I think we can take his perspective, at least, at face value. In his goodbye post, he offers a glimpse of the design culture at […]

Thinking Outside the Bottle

Somebody recently shared with me an article from Fast Company magazine about a winery that’s replaced their traditional glass bottles with more forward-thinking recyclable carton packages. The resultant environmental affect claims to produce a carbon footprint ten times smaller than traditional glass bottles once the savings for weight, shipping, and disposal are all tallied in […]

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Wireframes Left, Visual Designs Right

Thoughts on Interaction Design Deliverables Eventually, I would like to share with you the design theory I’m working on (I may even have settled on a name for it), but for now allow me to explain a small part of it which at one point served as the theory’s main catalyst. During my work as […]

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