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brand identity, design, usability, user experience

Comments Off on Wireframes Left, Visual Designs Right

Wireframes Left, Visual Designs Right

Thoughts on Interaction Design Deliverables Eventually, I would like to share with you the design theory I’m working on (I may even have settled on a name for it), but for now allow me to explain a small part of it which at one point served as the theory’s main catalyst. During my work as […]

design, politics, user experience

Comments Off on Learning Politics Through Design

Learning Politics Through Design

CNN’s Election Center 2008 delivers not only a monumental amount of well thought out data-driven design, information architecture and Flash/AJAX wizardry, but the site itself may quite possibly represents the largest lesson in politics that’s ever been delivered to the American public in one full sitting. Think about it. Newspapers have tried in the past, […]

design, journal

Comments Off on Mac OS X Web Design: Unpublished

Mac OS X Web Design: Unpublished

The other day I came across this book proposal on my computer, which I apparently wrote four years ago and abandoned for more sensible work at the time. Honestly, I vaguely remember writing it, but I must have been pretty serious about it. There’s like, a whole chapter outline and stuff. Where I thought I’d […]

design, journal, user experience

Comments Off on Taking Stock of the iPod + iTunes User Experience

Taking Stock of the iPod + iTunes User Experience

In April of 2003, I chronicled my first experience using the iTunes music store in a blog entry titled Tuning In, Turning Up, and Taking Change. Already it feels like the new thing, making the way things were seem like such an ancient memory (if not ethically questionable). In minutes I had downloaded and purchased […]

brand identity, design, user experience

Comments Off on User Personas as Product Design

User Personas as Product Design

Lately, I’ve noticed some anecdotal evidence which suggests that brand marketers and product designers have been moving the time-honored practice of user personas away from their normal confines on the product designer’s cubicle wall for occasional reference and elevating them to a place where they’re least expected–smack dab on the final product. Case in point, […]

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