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Filed under user experience

Sensitize. Synthesize. Sell.

It’s happened a few times. I’ll sit down with a business representative for a round of stakeholder interviews, and then one of them quietly comments to me with a snarky-looking grin, “Well, it looks like I’ve been put on Schindler’s list.” True, my team identified a list of key stakeholders from the organization, put individual […]

Heuristically Speaking

A while back I decided it would be helpful to organize a list of design heuristics (call them principles, truisms, or generalities) some other folks had written. The original list I worked from mostly came from well-known practitioners in usability and user centered design — people like Jakob Nielsen (who’s pedagogic style I usually find […]

Location-Based Mobile Apps: Served Up Fast and Hot

Picture this in the not-too-distant future. You’re on your way to pick up some fast food because you’re so amazingly hungry for a new quadruple-decker bacon angus cheeseburger. Your mind is just telling you to go out and get this new meat wad delight, which sits precariously between two deep-fried grilled cheese sandwiches. Hard to […]

The Shape of Design

I alluded to a design theory about two years ago. Rather than allowing it to collect more cerebral dust as my take on what’s important to design becomes aged with each passing day, I thought I’d share parts of it now. In truth, it’s more of a construct than a theory, and it’s not at […]

Visual Affect in 50 milliseconds

Over at A List Apart, Patrick Lynch nicely summarizes the essence of one of my favorite books by Don Norman, Emotional Design and applies it to neuro-activity within our brain. In psychology, emotional reactions to stimuli are called affective responses. Affective responses happen very fast, and are governed in an automatic, unconscious way by the […]

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