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Comments Off on The Argument for More Jesus Stickers

The Argument for More Jesus Stickers

Liz (talking to me on her cell phone in traffic): It says, “On Judgment Day you’ll wish your car had Jesus stickers” on the back of the car in front of me. Me: … Seriously, this shit is starting to write itself.

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Comments Off on Hey, You Got Some Catholic on Your Head

Hey, You Got Some Catholic on Your Head

Happy Ash Wednesday everybody.

All Fight for Freedom

Liz (talking to me on her cell phone in traffic): It says “Viva Bush!” on the bumper sticker in front of me. Me: Oh yeah? Liz (muffled): And “I’ll fight for freedom.” Me: All fight for freedom? Liz: No, I’ll fight for freedom. It’s on another sticker. It says I apostrophe L-L fight for freedom. […]

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Comments Off on I’m in a Hell of Lot of Trouble: The Four Year Comedy Tour of President George W. Bush

I’m in a Hell of Lot of Trouble: The Four Year Comedy Tour of President George W. Bush

I may be the only one I know who’s willing to admit to being a long time appreciator of comedian Richard Lewis. His anxiety-laden routines, such as I’m in Pain, I’m in Hell, and I’m Doomed spelled out Jewish guilt and life on the therapy couch in a cathartic flush of pain and laughter. Despite […]

Darwin Scores Against Dover

Sorry, after looking at my desktop today and hearing the news, I couldn’t resist adding this little adjustment to one of the Nonist’s more interesting downloads. Their original inspiration may be worth repeating. a century and a half after darwin’s most important work was published people still seem to have a hard time wrapping their […]

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