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I’m not to the point of writing such a lengthy and personal post such as the Substitute’s concerning the plight of contemporary Christian culture, but a small mentioning of a thing I saw this weekend cannot be helped. In fact, as my recent lack of enthusiasm for all things blog plays itself out, I might […]

Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom

I may as well head off my morning television at the past, because I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s Today show will be nothing but highlights and segments and segments of highlights of the weirdo interview that took place between Matt Lauer and Tom Cruise this past week, the bulk of which has to do with this […]

Putting the Lid on ID

Okay, now that I said that, I want you to forget about it. Here’s the deal. In my own way, and in principle, I actually believe in Intelligent Design. There, I said it. I think accepting the spiritual nature of birth is a totally rational thought for a parent to have. And it’s something I […]

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