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Baby Chloe

Yesterday, at 5:21pm, our daughter Chloe Annabel was born. She weighs seven pounds and thirteen ounces. When she came out, she immediately spoke to us with a soft, squeaky cry. It was love at first chirp. Her three and a half year old brother, Cole, excited to see her for the first time, kept saying, […]

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Stumbling Towards the Purpose Within

I’ve long accepted the fact that the job I go to everyday shouldn’t be the primary place to go searching for self-worth and fulfillment in my life. Don’t get me wrong. That’s in no way meant to disparage any circumstance or person in my career, past or present. I’ve enjoyed my gigs fondly enough. It’s […]

The Bonding Qualities Of Using a Household Heating Device as a Urinal: A Letter

Hey Cole, You know, there are certain days, and I’ll just take this past Valentine’s Day as my not-so-everyday example, when the most romantic thing your mother and I might say to each other is, “Hey, does it smell like poop in here?” But the other day you beat us to the punch line. When […]

Fever In / Fever Out

A big blue shiner on his cheek from one of many missteps in the mastery of walking, a lasting fever with clear signs of roseola, and an unrelenting cycle of nag/cry/scream that says simply “hold me in your arms for about 87 hours straight, please” and it is clear that our role into this parenting […]

Earth, Sun, Moon

There are rare and precious moments that remind me of how small and insignificant a child of the universe I am without creeping the ever-loving bajeezus out of me. Yes, at times my ego runs on all four cylinders. But alone with my son, in the back yard the other day, I came across a […]

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