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Comments Off on To Cole, On Your First Birthday

To Cole, On Your First Birthday

Hey, Cole. It’s me, Dad. It’s your first birthday. You know, I asked your mother not too long ago if having a child was everything she expected it to be. I distinctly remember how she searched for the right words and replied to me as seriously as I’ve ever seen her. “I didn’t think it […]

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Here’s something I rarely talk about. My dad died in a car accident when I was 10 years old. This singular event did more to frame me as a person, I think, than anything else ever could, with obvious good reason. But I don’t usually think about my childhood with logical reason most of the […]

Eating Like Superman

Liz (feeding Cole): Wow, Cole! You’re eating so good. You’re soooo hungry! You’re, like, super hungry right now. But you’re eating soooo good. You’re like a little super eater man! No, you’re eating like Superman!! Me (after pausing to think about that last sentence for a moment): Actually, hun, I don’t think Superman eats. Liz: […]


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The Shredder

I get this way when I read Newsweek sometimes too. Actually, I can think of a few accounting firms that might be able to provide my boy with steady work.

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Comments Off on Asleep (Cole’s Music II)

Asleep (Cole’s Music II)

Believe me when I say that could entertain you with endless stories of my baby boy, espousing the unique differences between his binky, boppy and, of course, his bippy. Then again I could just share with you a mix of soothing music that usually gets him to sleep at night. Let’s go with the latter. […]

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