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Proof of Concept

My wife and I had the privilege tonight of celebrating an anniversary dinner with my mother and her husband. The two have been married for ten years. I’m truly floored when I think about their relationship, and in turn, to the power of what love can do — how it can change people. There was […]


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My PC Hates Me

I’m not exactly sure what I did. I probably just had a look of longing in my eyes—a longing for my Mac more than likely. While my fully loaded wiz-bang XP-running PC at work hasn’t totally given up on me, it has given me clear and intent signs of not submitting to my will. The […]


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It would certainly be remiss—not to menion entirely rude of me—not to comment on yesterday’s festivities. Liz, in her magical dexterity, somehow found the wherewithal amidst all of her school and job duties to organize a surprise 30th birthday bash in my honor. After taking my mom out to shop for a computer (or so […]


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Assorted & Sundry…

If it seems like there’s nothing but tumbleweed breezing by in the dust of this old weblog, it’s more than likely only because Liz and I have both been sucked into the void of home improvement. We’re high on the heels of getting some things done lately, and quite honestly, it’s tuckerin’ us both out. […]


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Basketball Jones

Note to self: Try to get in shape. No, really. I was in for a rude awakening today when I played a game of half-court basketball with some coworkers during lunch. It wasn’t that they had a particularly better skill level than me. I was just way, way, way, way, way hurting during most of […]

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