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Comments Off on Hang-on to Your Pixels

Hang-on to Your Pixels

Time sits still for eleven days straight as we contemplate the fate of our nation and a new design for our little presence here. I really hate having two entrances. Really. Beyond that, not much else is happening. Liz continues her two hour school commute. She finds Marketing a tad bit easier to follow than […]


Comments Off on All’s Well that Ends in a Munitions Dump

All’s Well that Ends in a Munitions Dump

To be sure we weren’t absolutely crazy thinking Liz could take a two hour commute to American University in Washington D.C., we took a trip down there yesterday. 2 hours from our home in Pennsylvania exactly. When we arrived at the Performing Arts building, the place in which she will spend most of her time, […]


Comments Off on Have Mac. Will work after Y2K.

Have Mac. Will work after Y2K.

That was the joke I was telling December 31. If you don’t immediately get it, let me explain. You see we run things here on a Macintosh, a platform long known to be impervious from the Y2K bug. I thought it would be funny to put an ad in the paper reading “Have Mac. Will […]


Comments Off on Weblog Prelude

Weblog Prelude

Note: Back-dated entry. This site, or rather what has become was started in 1998 after my wife, Liz, and I moved away from our family and friends in Pennsylvania to live and work in Charleston, SC. There we stayed for nearly three years only to move back shortly after our marriage. I have continued […]

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