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Meet Mr. Usability

The scene opens as Mr. Usability sits and watches TV on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Enter Wife holding a red and white envelope strewn with the familiar Netflix logo. The paper appears tattered and worn, with a tear that almost splits the envelope in half. Wife: You really did a number on this envelope. That’s […]

The Bonding Qualities Of Using a Household Heating Device as a Urinal: A Letter

Hey Cole, You know, there are certain days, and I’ll just take this past Valentine’s Day as my not-so-everyday example, when the most romantic thing your mother and I might say to each other is, “Hey, does it smell like poop in here?” But the other day you beat us to the punch line. When […]


Comments Off on We’ll Be Right Back With More… Stuff

We’ll Be Right Back With More… Stuff

I promise. Or this baby’s name isn’t Chuck Barris.

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Comments Off on Recent Art, Figure Series 2

Recent Art, Figure Series 2

This finishes out the first figure drawing studio I’ve taken in a long, long time. Too long, actually. More to follow soon.

10 Years of Merryment

I find it hard to believe myself, but I’ve done the math, and I started making cards and sending them out to friends and family exactly ten years ago. The first run was for my immediate family, but the current list stretches almost to a hundred. If you’d like to receive a hand-deckled print next […]

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