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Comments Off on It’s Like Living With a 2-Year-Old

It’s Like Living With a 2-Year-Old

Happy Birthday little man! (Flickr commentary exceptionally maintained by mom, as usual.)

The Bonding Qualities Of Using a Household Heating Device as a Urinal: A Letter

Hey Cole, You know, there are certain days, and I’ll just take this past Valentine’s Day as my not-so-everyday example, when the most romantic thing your mother and I might say to each other is, “Hey, does it smell like poop in here?” But the other day you beat us to the punch line. When […]

Fever In / Fever Out

A big blue shiner on his cheek from one of many missteps in the mastery of walking, a lasting fever with clear signs of roseola, and an unrelenting cycle of nag/cry/scream that says simply “hold me in your arms for about 87 hours straight, please” and it is clear that our role into this parenting […]

journal, stinkyface

Comments Off on Take a Walk!

Take a Walk!

I was originally going to title this entry What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Standing (On My Own Two Feet). But that was a few days ago. Now, the little guy has decided to up the ante and started walking. It’s funny to watch him get up, take a few steps, and fall on […]

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