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Earth, Sun, Moon

There are rare and precious moments that remind me of how small and insignificant a child of the universe I am without creeping the ever-loving bajeezus out of me. Yes, at times my ego runs on all four cylinders. But alone with my son, in the back yard the other day, I came across a […]

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To Cole, On Your First Birthday

Hey, Cole. It’s me, Dad. It’s your first birthday. You know, I asked your mother not too long ago if having a child was everything she expected it to be. I distinctly remember how she searched for the right words and replied to me as seriously as I’ve ever seen her. “I didn’t think it […]

journal, stinkyface

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Shortly after I captured this picture on my mobile phone, I felt a sudden urge to download I Feel for You by Chaka Khan. Is there a connection? I’ll let you be the judge.

Bwa Dah da Ooooh Waah Mah ma

This past week Cole started talking a little more than usual. His first clearly recognizable word was “Mama,” which of course had me feeling all different kinds of rejection. That is, until a little later into the week when he became obsessed with saying “Da da da da da.” Of course, we’ve never been alert […]

Mr. Please Please Feed Me Himself

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you… The haaaardest workin’ baby in show business. Old King Cole. The Pied Piper of Diaper. The Swami of Pajami. The Godchild of Soul. Mr. Please Please Feed Me himself, in his very own music video. Prepare yourself to be entertained by sights and sounds no ordinary baby […]

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