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Is That the Sound of Liberation or a Shoe Whizzing by Your Face?

I haven’t delved too much into this story, but I can imagine that the sentiment expressed in this BBC piece concerning the infamous shoe torpedo launched at Bush has now largely been echoed by conservative pundits. Many of Mr Bush’s supporters will see it as a mean-spirited gesture against a man whose policies liberated the […]

Wiping the Politics Off My Sleave

Four years ago I gathered up my thoughts on the way that election turned out. […] I think instead of sulking in this cataclysmic let-down, I’ll simply gather myself up and plan for the little bits of goodness that will surely come from living my life—spending time with my wife and our soon-to-be child. Because […]


Mike Schindler Curtains 1995 Ink on Died Canvas 78¼ x 51½ inches Thirteen years later, I still consider this piece to be one of the most significant breakthroughs of my early artistic development. It was made in 1995 through a process of hand dying raw canvas, which was then brushed with ink. Titled Curtains, it’s […]

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Learning Politics Through Design

CNN’s Election Center 2008 delivers not only a monumental amount of well thought out data-driven design, information architecture and Flash/AJAX wizardry, but the site itself may quite possibly represents the largest lesson in politics that’s ever been delivered to the American public in one full sitting. Think about it. Newspapers have tried in the past, […]

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Beyond Words

This nonsense brings back a powerful memory. One morning during my Junior year of college, my sculptor professor, a scruffy-looking curmudgeonly man, who also happens to be one of the most well-spoken individuals on the topic of art I’ve ever met in real life, led our small group through the art building’s court yard area. […]

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